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For Musicians Only :: Custom Projects and Repairs

Custom Projects and Repairs

Over the past few years Iíve made an extensive effort to develop working relationships with the best local technicians and repair people I could find, and now Iíve finally assembled a team of qualified experts who can handle most any imaginable music related repair or project.

Send us an email for more information.

FMO Custom Shop

The FMO Gear Shop is pleased to welcome Greg Radawich on board as our fulltime pedal tech. Greg comes to us with over 5 years of solid pedal building experience. His specialty is custom, one-off builds made to customer specification. With our extensive resources and Gregís skill, weíre ready to fulfill nearly any custom gear wish you could imagine.

Effects repairs and modifications

Boutique, mass-produced, or vintage guitar effects pedals, if itís analog and it doesnít work, we can fix it. We can also perform true bypass modifications and pedal rehousing. We specialize in wah mods, from vintage Thomas Organ Crybaby to Dunlop and Vox reissues. Weíll bring out the best tone in your wah, and even custom tune it to your requirements.

Custom pedalboard wiring and consultation

This is my personal specialty and one of my favorite things to do. If youíre local to New Haven, CT, you can call to book an in-shop appointment for your own personalized gear consultation and assessment: 203-764-2644.

I did this for dozens of customers when I worked at Analog Man. We start by discussing your musical style and the tones youíre trying to achieve. Next we evaluate your current set-up, including guitars, amps, pickups, cables and accessories, as well as the effects youíre using. I can then make recommendations based on your specific needs and concerns. Thereís absolutely no sales pitch involved in this process, and Iím more than happy to recommend products that I donít actually sell. This is about YOU and YOUR tone.

Finally, we take all the individual elements and assemble them into an efficient and optimized gig-ready rig. Weíll determine the best order to run your effects, address power supply solutions, and create the ideal ergonomic pedal configuration. At this point, Iíll wire up all the pedals youíll be using on the pedalboard of your choice. This is a painstaking and laborious process, but the results are well worth it. Your board will be neat and tidy, aesthetically pleasing, durable and reliable, easy to operate and maintain, and fully road-worthy.

Amp repairs and modifications

I now have no less than 3 seriously qualified amp techs in my local network, ready and able to handle any repair or modification you need. We can do anything from vintage Fenders and Marshalls to the latest modern multi-channel switching monsters. With over 50 years combined experience, these guys have seen and done it all. We can also do amp/cabinet transplants, build amp kits, and recone speakers.

We're also looking into the possibility of offering repairs and maintenance for Vintage Keyboards, as well as Echoplex and Roland Space Echo tape delay machines.

Custom Projects and Repairs
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